About Us


What we have

Since its foundation, the company has made outstanding achievements with its good service, personnel training and strengthened management in order to aim to enhance our main business of textile yarns. We are also supported by our team of highly experienced professionals such as sourcing agents, quality controllers, marketing analysts and sales representatives in many countries.

We have arrangements with reliable mills in India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia for the supply of various yarns. Over the years, our company has been able to build exclusive relationship with the recognized suppliers round the globe and established a network of credible buyers in India, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and South America for textile yarns and fabrics.

With our services, companies optimize their sourcing expenses, boost internal efficiency and sharpen competitive edge.

Manufacturing / Trading
Since 1991 we have strong foundation and goodwill in textiles in domestic and international market complemented by our sister concern that is into manufacturing & Trading of Polyester Yarns.

We follow highest international standard, in terms of quality & service since we are aware that along with offering most competitive prices these aspects of business are of crucial importance to achieve global competitiveness.

Our manufacturing facility is of up market standard and we deliver these values along with top quality goods to our customers.

Our warehouse at different locations offers the most efficient and cost-effective operation of commercial or industrial distribution center(s) or warehousing facilities. It manages inbound activities related to the receipt and storage of goods & inventory management. Oversees outbound activities related to order-filling, stock replenishment, shipping.