Low Melt Yarn :

Low Melt Yarn (also known as fusible bonding/adhesive filament yarn) is used in technical applications in the textile industry worldwide. These yarns are made from either low melt co-polyamide nylon or co-polyester (polyester). These yarns are stitched, knitted or woven into fabric or apparel. When the correct amount of heat and pressure is applied to the low melt yarn, a change in the molecular structure produces a bonding agent.

Polyester Low Melt Yarns : 30D~150D (Melting Point 110C)

Nylon Low Melt yarn : 30D~400D (Melting point 110C and 85C)

Applications : Shoe Upper, Sewing Threads, Curtain Blinds, Underwear, Lace, Suit lining & Collar and Sofa.

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