Speciality Yarn

  • Sea & Island Yarn

  • Bi-Shrinkage Yarn (BSY)


Peach skin yarn made by differential shrinkage components with silky touch. Unique yarn components under controlled process are combined to achive desire results.

Specifications : FINE 50d/48f, 80d/48f, 130d/72f semi dull & NIT 100d/84f semi dull For weaving & circular knitting

Characteristics : Soft handle and dry touch, Bulkiness, Good drapery and resilience

Applications : Burka Fabrics, Abaya, Scarf, Trousers, Dress Material, Ladies Top & Bottoms.

  • Fancy Yarn (Texturized Slub, Twisted Yarn, Thick & Thin)

  • Melange Yarn