Our Products

Nylon Chips

Nylon 6 Chips - Textile Spinning grade and Engineering Plastic grades. Nylon 66 Chips used for Compounding application & Injection molding applications.

High Tenacity Yarn

Polyester HTY from 70d upto 3000d & Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 HTY from 30d upto 1680d.

Micro-Velvet Fabric

Manufacture all type of Micro-velvet fabric like 9000 Semi dull, 9000 2 tone, 5000 Semi dull, Nylon Rayon fabrics.

Viscose Filament Yarn

Viscose Rayon filament yarn - 40d, 50d, 60d, 75d, 100d and 120d for weaving.

Nylon Woven Fabric

Various types of nylon grey & ready for dyeing fabrics for ladies wear in width 38" 7 44" (Nazneen & Sofia).

Knitted Fabrics

Scuba and Airmesh fabric Polyester Knitted fabrics with Spandex - Grey fabric and Piece Dyed.

Polyester Yarns

100% Polyester covering yarns - DTY, FDY & POY ranging from 20d to 600d in semi dull and bright. Polyester spun yarn available in range of Ne 6/1 to Ne 80/1.

Nylon Yarns

Nylon 6 and 66 Multi-filament (DTY, FDY & POY) & Mono-filament yarns ranging from 20d upto 100d.

About Meher International?

In 2002, an opportunity was identified to provide higher level of services in the area of sourcing of textile raw materials for global buyers as well as providing a platform for suppliers to penetrate and establish markets in India & globally. There was a huge gap in terms of expectation and delivery. To bridge this gap as well as to introduce innovative practices in this area, exceeding customers expectations & satisfying suppliers - our company was formed.

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