High Tenacity Yarn

Nylon & Polyester High Tenacity Yarn is used in various industrial application.

Specifications :

Nylon 6 High Tenacity Yarn :

30 d to 1680 d

Nylon 6.6 High Tenacity Yarn :

30 d to 1680 d

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn :

 70d, 100d, 150d, 210d, 250d, 420d, 500d, 840d, 1000d, 1500d, 2000d, & 3000d (Regular Shrinkage and Low Shrinkage)

Air-Texturised as well as twisted and with 1 to 4 ply.

Applications :

Sewing Threads, Parachute fabrics, Camouflage fabrics, Filter fabrics, Conveyor belt fabrics, Fire hose, Ropes, Tarpaulin, Geotextile, Defence Fabrics, Air Bags, Belting & Fish Net Twines.

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