Nylon 6 (PA 6)

Type Luster Relative Viscosity(RV) Grade Application
TEXTILE SPINNING Bright 2.45, 2.70, 3.35 Virgin(AA) Textile spining / Nylon 6 yarn production
Semi Dull 2.45 Virgin(AA)
Full Dull 2.45 Virgin(AA)
ENGINEERING PLASTICS Bright 2.45, 2.70, 3.35, 4.00, 4.50 Virgin (AA), Off grade Monofilament, Multifilament, Extrustion, CF, Compounding, Inection Molding, Tyre cord, Plastic film,, Engineering plastic, Autmobile applications,Nylon sheets, Nylon Rods, Bristles,Fishing net aplications, Electronic equipment,Industrial applications, High tenacity products
Semi Dull 2.45 Off grade
Full Dull 2.45 Off grade
Reprocessed Bright 2.6 Reprocessed
Reprocessed Milky 2.55 Reprocessed

Nylon 66 Chips (PA 66)

SR NO. Relative Viscosity(RV) Characteristics GRADE
1 2.65±0.05 Medium Viscosity Compounding feedstock For compounding application
2 2.40±0.05 High Flow Compounding feedstock For compounding application
3 2.60±-0.05 General Injection Medium Viscosity With Externally Lubricated For injection molding application (kitchenware, Washer, Glasses, Frame, Switch )
4 2.55±0.05 Fast Cycle With Internally and Externally Lubricated For injection molding application (cable tie,connecter, electric part)
5 2.70±0.05 Spinning grade For Spinning (Nylon tow, other spinning applications)
6 3.40 Monofilament, Extrusion
7 PA 66 Special Products FR, Glass filled, Mineral filled etc available

POLYAMIDE 6.10 & 6.12 POLYMERS (PA 6.10 & 6.12)

1 NYLON 6 .10 Basic raw material for high-quality monofilament production as:
– PMC (Paper machine cloths), fishing lines, filters, abrasives, brushes, etc.
– Plastic compounds for automotive, electrics/electronics, medical industry and industrial consumer goods.
2 NYLON 6.12 Tubes for liquids, fibres for toothbrushes and precision seals.


SR NO. POLYMER Speciality
1 NYLON 6 chips (PA 6 CHIPS) Unfilled grades,
Glass filled/Reinforced Grades,
Impact Modified/Super Tough Grades,
Flame Retardant Grades,
2 NYLON 66 chips (PA 66 CHIPS) Mineral filled

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